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PVR Utica Gas Gathering Pipeline Project in Ohio

How does the PVR Pipeline Project Affect Me?

PVR Pipeline Project

PVR Utica Gas Gathering Pipeline Project in Ohio

According to an article in Law 360 entitled PVR To Build $150M Utica Shale Gas Pipeline For Hess, the project is summarized as follows: “Pennsylvania midstream firm PVR Partners LP said Tuesday that it’s agreed with Hess Corp. on a $150 million project to build, own and operate a 45-mile natural gas trunk line and associated gathering pipelines and facilities servicing Hess’ natural gas plays in the Utica shale in eastern Ohio.” The Utica Gas Gathering Pipeline Project will consist of the construction of pipeline to increase capacity of natural gas transmission throughout the state of Ohio. It will include connections to the Texas Eastern and Rockies Express interstate pipelines, with possible future connections. You will receive an easement agreement offer if the pipeline path lands on your property, which also may be referred to as “just compensation”, “condemnation” or “expropriation”. There is a strong possibility that “just compensation” falls short of what the value actually is for the use of your property, whether it is farmland (agricultural), residential, or commercial. We are experienced attorneys in negotiating and litigating eminent domain situations and finding an agreement that could be far more beneficial. We only represent landowners. Call us immediately for a free consultation if you have been contacted about the PVR Pipeline Project running through your land at 614 229 4566 or Toll Free at 888 231 2554.

How will I know if the 2014 PVR Pipeline Affects My County And My Property?

The PVR – Utica Gas Gathering Pipeline Project construction is scheduled for completion for interconnection by the 4th quarter of 2014. The construction will affect the following counties in Ohio:

  • Belmont County
  • Jefferson County
  • Harrison County

What is Eminent Domain and what is an Easement Agreement?

Eminent domain is the right of a government or its agent to expropriate private property for public use, with payment of compensation. The construction of the PVR Utica Gas Gathering Pipeline Project in Ohio requires the cooperation of all property owners in its path. While this cooperation is required in almost every case, you as a landowner will receive an easement agreement offer, also referred to as “just compensation”, “condemnation” or “expropriation”. It is your right to consult an eminent domain lawyer to negotiate exactly what “just compensation” should be for the value of your property.

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