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Spectra Ohio Pipeline Energy Network (Open)

What is the purpose of the Spectra Pipeline Project?

Spectra Pipeline Project

Spectra Ohio Pipeline Energy Network (Open)

The Ohio Pipeline Energy Network (Open) is a construction project to install 76 miles of pipeline and a new compressor station that affects a number of landowners in the State of Ohio. The project is owned by Texas Eastern Transmission, LP, with the purpose to increase capacity for the delivery of natural gas. The pipeline creates a potential eminent domain issue for every landowner in the path of its construction and use.

Should I sign an easement agreement without speaking to an attorney?

Absolutely not! Having an experienced eminent domain lawyer negotiate the best possible agreement for you could mean a significantly higher level of compensation. It is your land, your property. Terms other than easement that may be used are “just compensation”, “condemnation” or “expropriation”.

Call Goldman & Braunstein at 614 229 4512 or Toll Free at 888 231 2554 for a free consultation that could make a huge difference in what “just compensation” actually means. We are experts in eminent domain negotiation and litigation. We only represent landowners.

What counties are affected by the Ohio Pipeline Energy Network (OPEN)?

The pipeline will affect Ohio land and property owners for residential, commercial, and farmland (agricultural) parcels in every county listed below:

  • Columbiana County
  • Carroll County
  • Jefferson County
  • Belmont County
  • Monroe County

If the pipeline is running through your property, you will be offered an easement agreement as compensation for the use of your land. Do not sign anything until you speak with a lawyer.

Why do I need an Attorney for Easement Agreement or Eminent Domain Claims?

The representatives offering this agreement have their own best interest in mind. An eminent domain attorney can help to tip the odds in your favor and negotiate the best dollar value for your property. The attorneys in our firm specialize in negotiating fair and equitable agreements for our clients facing an easement agreement and eminent domain situation.

I live in one of the Ohio counties listed above. What is the actual value of my land?

The answer involves many factors. Whether you live in Jefferson County, Monroe County, or any others we have listed here, their representative as instructed will present you with an offer. What your property is worth to you and establishing what your property is worth to the pipeline are the critical factors to establish. The representatives offering the easement on behalf of the Spectra pipeline project are tasked to obtain agreements for the least amount of costly resistance. The best way to represent your interests in this negotiation is to get an attorney with significant eminent domain experience. Our firm offers years of success in negotiation and litigation to maximize the potential for your easement. Contact us immediately to fight on your behalf!